• Wet basement or water pooling in your yard?

    Atlantis Drainage Solutions corrects the cause not the symptom. We will analyze your problem and create a customized solution for your specific problem.

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  • Need your downspout or sump pump drains buried?

    Atlantis Drainage Solutions uses 4" plus diameter PVC pipe (not corrugated black pipe, they will clog) with 1/8" minimum drop per each 1 foot running to daylight or with bubble up emitter over gravel pit (not directly into a pit).

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  • Foundation problems?

    Hydrostatic pressure created by too much moisture in the adjacent soil causes foundation walls to bulge, as the moisture increases the soil expands and pushes the wall.

    Atlantis Drainage Solutions corrects the cause not just the symptom.

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  • Did you know that 85% of wet basements can be made dry by improving the drainage around the exterior of your home or building?

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  • Professional Drainage Solutions & Service in the Kansas City Area

    Atlantis Drainage Solutions is a professional drainage company specializing in analyzing your problem and recommending a solution that will correct the cause of your drainage issue not just the symptom.

    Atlantis Drainage Solutions guarantees to pass all engineer and home inspection.

    Do you have a wet basement, high humidity & mold, foundation cracks, bulging or settled walls, downspouts or sump pump water that does not run off or settled soil next to your foundation.

    If so, call Atlantis Drainage Solutions today to schedule a drainage expert to give you a free estimate!

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