• Window Well Installation

  • A basement window well's main purpose, of course, is to complement the windows in your basement to allow sunlight and ventilation into what can be a dark space. They also become an integral part of any basement waterproofing system by preventing those windows from becoming a source of water infiltration.

    Because basement windows are installed below grade, they require a retaining wall to hold back the surrounding soil. Typically, this is a corrugated steel window well liner.

    If a window well is not properly drained, it can fill with water, either from direct rainfall or Window well drain infiltrating ground water. If the drain is missing, clogged or collapsed, your basement window may begin to resemble an aquarium every time it rains. It won’t be long before the window itself or the seal around it fails and there’s water in your basement.

    If there’s no drain at all in your window wells, you’re asking for trouble. A heavy rain can easily fill the well and exert enough pressure on the window to collapse it and flood the basement.

    Atlantis Drainage Solutions installs window wells and makes sure they are properly drained.