• Downspout and Sump Water Diverted

  • Minimum Width = 4”

    Minimum Slope = 1/8” / 1’

    Pipe type = PVC sewer & drain (white pipe) schedule 20, 3000 lb. crush factor per square inch.

    Solvent welded joints, no clog.

    Note: Black corrugated pipe not recommended due to easy clogging.

  • Atlantis Drainage Solutions solves this problem with PVC sewer and drain pipe in place of the non-recommended but commonly used corrugated pipe which can become easily clogged from leaves and roof debris.

    PVC sewer and drain pipe has solvent welded water tight joints and a 3000 PSI crush factor. Each downspout connection has a clean-out access and we bubble-up into a 6” diameter diffuser over gravel pit. Designed and installed to last.